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Thanks Tim Herrlinger!!!

This message is for Tim Herrlinger

Thanks, Tim, for the information on accessing the various on-line WHO
information databases. I've saved your message for future references. I'll be
sending various updates on upcoming WHO & solo releases to the main e-mail
list as I get updates. 
I tried to send this e-mail message right to your e-mail id - 
"internet!lifesci.lscf.ucsb.edu!herrling". I received a delivery report saying
that your ID destination was "unreachable". Am I using the right e-mail id??
Please let me know. If this problem persists, I'll just have to send all 
future messages to you via cisco.com!thewho. So much for one-on-one 

Thanks for your encouragement----it's good to be among friends.

Marty Secero