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Re[2]: short WHO film clip

While on the subject of Who music in advertising...

In Australia there have been a number of TV advertising campaigns that used Who 
(or related) music (although it was always a studio band playing it).  Ones that 
spring to mind are:

"Join Together" used for the Commonwealth Games back in 1990(?)

"Who Are You" used for Who magazine (nothing to do with the group) a year or so 

"Sensation" used to advertise the Chrysler Scorpion in the late 70's.  This was 
a great ad, the car would come crashing through mirrored glass to the strains of 
"Chrysler Scorpion.... It's A Sensation!"

"Face The Face" changed to "Bag the Fag" for some anti-smoking ads a few years 

and a local swimming complex stole the opening riff to Pinball Wizard to 
advertise their water slide!