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[alt.music.who] Help please with recording session info

In case there are some readers of this list who don't also read the Usenet
group alt.music.who, you might be interested/amused by this message which
appeared yesterday.

Talmy apparently reads alt.music.who at least occasionally, as I've seen him
post there before.  Last time it was to reply to somebody complaining about
his refusal to give access to his masters to the producers of the box set.

Do you suppose this request has its origin in some litigation, or is he
writing his memoirs?


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Newsgroups: alt.music.who
From: sst@netcom.com (Shel Talmy)
Subject: Help please with recording session info
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 Sun Dec  7 12:23:24 PST 1997
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 19:54:39 GMT

I'm looking for some information on dates of recording sessions I
produced with The Who, and would appreciate anybody letting me
know if there's a book on The Who that might contain a breakdown
of all the sessions, including what songs were recorded on what
date.  Thanks for your help.

Shel Talmy

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