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Re: the WHO in 1995

> I'm new to the WHO e-mail scene, and Tim & Doug's messages were the first
> i've received. So I thought I'd get into the thick of things and let you all
> know about some "secret stuff"----

  Either this is well thought out, or it is a legit rumor.
  But, I guess you could call it a "rumor" either way because
  its a story with out a legit backing, so far,,,

  And its being passed on to all of us...

  BEfore I welcome you to the list, my friend, name some sources 
  to back that up...please..Was this something during "a half
  drunken evening" 
  Couldn't have been your Uncle John telling you this on New Years
  Eve after a few, and you, like, got the two mixed ??? 
> preparing a solo "greatest hits" CD for release hopefully this year. Nothing

   Name ONE hit that he ever had...a legit HIT!