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Re: Re[2]: the WHO in 1995

> > The WHO on tour without Pete would be
> >like.....like....like....Roger doing "Daltrey Sings Townshend" all over
> >again.!!!!! 
> Agreed, if Pete doesn't want to tour then fine - I'd be disappointed but still 
> thrilled to see Roger and John touring (but not posing as The Who).

I agree that Roger and John going on tour as "The Who" is "posing", 
but I wouldn't be too offended or think less of them if it 
happened... It may help sell the show better, especially to younger 
people such as myself...  A lot of people my age won't know the names 
Roger Daltrey and John Entwistle as members of The Who.... The 
conversations with my friends in the summer about the DST show were:

"So who are you going to see in concert?"
"Roger Daltrey"

at which point I had to explain to them.. Im sure lots of us "kids" 
(especially me, having the misfortune of all 3 DST shows in my range 
being cancelled) would be very interested in "The World's Greatest 
Rock and Roll Band"

Going on as "The Who" might not be the right thing to do, but it 
might be the best thing to do.

> >sources say that he's really waiting for the right $$$$$$$ offer. Seems
> >logical, given Pete's track record. Let's hope that if new material comes out
> >this year, the band puts out a united front, and that they stop acting like a
> >bunch of name-calling brats!!!

>From the Jan 1994 Rolling Stone (paraphrased):

"I won't tour this year, but I said I wouldn't tour in 89, and they 
said 'Pete, you'll make $70 million' (or something like that), so I 
said I'd tour."

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