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re: the WHO in 1995

Tim & Doug (and all other WHO fans out there):

Hello and how are you ?!?!?!

I'm new to the WHO e-mail scene, and Tim & Doug's messages were the first
i've received. So I thought I'd get into the thick of things and let you all
know about some "secret stuff"----

The Daltrey tour was supposed to have some European dates, as Doug correctly
stated, but any tour plans may have been curtailed due to this rumor:
Apparently, Roger has been begging Pete for new material for him to record
solo, ala "After the Fire". Well, sources say that Pete has finished 9-10
songs for Roger at this point. And, even better, Pete and John have agreed to
play on the tracks and have it released as a bonafide NEW WHO album. The only
negative is that Pete, at this point, refuses to tour to support the proposed
album. Pete has even offered the idea of Roger and John touring as "The WHO"
ala  Pink Floyd minus Roger Waters. If this happens, any integrity that the
band has will go out the window. The WHO on tour without Pete would be
like.....like....like....Roger doing "Daltrey Sings Townshend" all over
again.!!!!! Now, I did see the Vienna, Virginia show on Sept. 10, 1994. It was
a great show and all, and I got to meet Roger, John, Simon Townshend, Billy
Nichols, etc.. My friends and I even got to spend a half-drunken evening with
Messrs. Entwistle and Townshend. John was so funny, telling jokes, showing us
pics of his English castle and 48-track home studio. He told us that he's
preparing a solo "greatest hits" CD for release hopefully this year. Nothing
yet on the release of his 5 solo albums, though. I'd love to see "Smash Your
Head" out on CD!!!! Getting back to the new WHO effort, the final word on a
tour is that even though Pete is not committing to a tour at the moment,
sources say that he's really waiting for the right $$$$$$$ offer. Seems
logical, given Pete's track record. Let's hope that if new material comes out
this year, the band puts out a united front, and that they stop acting like a
bunch of name-calling brats!!!

The Pete 1993 tour was the greatest concert experience of my life. I saw 6
shows (Toronto, Beacon NYC twice, Tower Philly twice, & Jones Beach NY), and
they were all unforgettable. I have tapes of all the above shows plus,
Chicago, Brooklyn (pay-per-view & bootleg CD), and the Mayfair Theatre,
England, where Pete performed "Psychoderelict" in its entirety ACOUSTIC!!!!!!
If you have any of the West Coast shows, and you'd like to trade for any of
the above (or other WHO tapes from my home library) please send me an e-mail
message!!!! I'd love to hear from you!!!!!