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Re: Bowie doing ICE

Bowie does ICE on his album 'Pinups' which, if I remember correctly, is an album 
of covers.  I think he does one other Who song on it although I can't remember 
which one off hand - Substitute possibly.

Subject: Bowie doing ICE
From:    QuietOne <drjimmy@cnj.digex.net> at mgdestmx01
 Sun Dec  7 12:23:24 PST 1997
Date:    11/1/95  5:16 PM

 My friend had a boot of
Bowie doing "Can't Explain"

Don't know any titles or dates, 

I only remember the intro being
played real slow, like, dant,,,,da-na, dant.  ....da-na
( Make sense??)