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RE: Bowie doing ICE

QuietOne <drjimmy@cnj.digex.net> writes:

> My friend had a boot of Bowie doing "Can't Explain"

> Don't know any titles or dates, though...

> I only remember the intro being
> played real slow, like, dant,,,,da-na, dant.  ....da-na
> ( Make sense??)   

That's just how it starts on the released version
Bowie put out on his 1973 LP, "Pinups".  

As for why anyone would bother with a bootleg, it was also 
performed on his "1980 Floor Show", an episode of the 
TV music program "The Midnight Special" created around 
Bowie in '73, and on select dates of his "Serious Moonlight" 
tour 10 years later.