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covers, again

I have a Grateful Dead boot (yes, only one) which has Baba O'Riley as one 
of their oncores.  This was from ca. 1993 when the dead were playing Baba 
at almost every show.  I like it, it is good.  Some of you may have seen 
it live....??

Also,  I went to see  Tommy at the Kennedy Center in D.C. last night.  I 
first saw the show on Broadway on its opening weekend and there was a 
definate contrast.  The difference was not so much in the show itself; 
the show was similar (but not as energetic as the NYC production), 
however, the audience was completely LAME.  To be fair, I think that at 
least 50% were just going for a night out and were not very familiar with 
the Who or Tommy.  The mean age of the audience was actually quite high 
(above even the oldest Who-fan generation).  So I was a little let down 
with the energy level....My friends and I were the only ones who 
contributed any noise at the curtain fall.  Oh well.  Worth it though.

That's all.