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Re: Bowie doing ICE

On Wed, 11 Jan 1995, QuietOne wrote:

> Subject: Bowie doing ICE
>  My friend had a boot of
> Bowie doing "Can't Explain"

Your friend _might_ have had a boot of Bowie doing "Can't Explain,"
but my guess is that you heard a studio version of a cover, from the
1973 Bowie album "Pinups."  This album is Bowie doing his favorite
songs by other artists from the 1964-7 period in London.  It has ICE
played in the style you describe, on the first side, and "Anyway
Anyhow Anywhere" on the second side.  Excellent versions.

I'm not so enthusiastic re: the other songs, but a track listing
follows for those who care:

Rosalyn			Pretty Things
Here Comes the Night	Them
I Wish You Would	Yardbirds
See Emily Play		Pink Floyd
Everything's Alright	Mojos
I Can't Explain		The Who
Friday on My Mind	Easybeats
Sorrow			Merseys
Don't Bring Me Down	Pretty Things
Shapes of Things	Yardbirds
Anyway Anywhere Anyhow	The Who
Where Have All the	Kinks
    Good Times Gone

> I only remember the intro being
> played real slow, like, dant,,,,da-na, dant.  ....da-na
> ( Make sense??)