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Re: Who Tribute Album

> Stone Temple Pilots doing "Naked Eye"...
> ( Imagine that deep voice singing "Take a little dope..."

Pearl Jam does Baba O'Riley pretty good... My roommate has a boot 
with a bunch of PJ stuff, Eddie singing with the remaining members of 
the Doors at the Doors' induction to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of fame, 
and Baba O'Riley.  The synth loop is replicated on guitar, as well as 
part of the violin bit...  (I beleive the boot is called "Flashpoint")
My roommate also has on tape somewhere PJ doing "My Generation", or 
about 1:30 of it, with "Generation" replaced with "Devestation"

Scorpions did "I can't explain"
The Ramones did "Substitute"  ( i think...)
Some band did a cover of "Bargain" but I have NO idea who it is...
Van Halen did WGFA in concert

All I can think of right now... 
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