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Re: Who Tribute Album

On Tue, 10 Jan 1995, Chris Frantz wrote:

> Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 11:05:52 CST6
> From: Chris Frantz <FRANTZC@warp.msoe.edu>
> To: thewho@cisco.com
> Subject: Re: Who Tribute Album
> > Stone Temple Pilots doing "Naked Eye"...
> > ( Imagine that deep voice singing "Take a little dope..."
> > 
> > 
> Pearl Jam does Baba O'Riley pretty good... My roommate has a boot 
> with a bunch of PJ stuff, Eddie singing with the remaining members of 
> the Doors at the Doors' induction to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of fame, 
> and Baba O'Riley.  The synth loop is replicated on guitar, as well as 
> part of the violin bit...  (I beleive the boot is called "Flashpoint")
> My roommate also has on tape somewhere PJ doing "My Generation", or 
> about 1:30 of it, with "Generation" replaced with "Devestation"
> Scorpions did "I can't explain"
> The Ramones did "Substitute"  ( i think...)
> Some band did a cover of "Bargain" but I have NO idea who it is...
> Van Halen did WGFA in concert
> All I can think of right now... 
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Let's face it, these are original classics by the Who.  These songs are 
not ment to be recreated or reproduced by any group.