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Punk & Godfather CD

I just picked up this Punk And The Godfather CD today and it's a pretty good
version of the Quadrophenia demos that have been floating around for a while.
 What it lists as rehearsals of Drowned and I'm One are actually Pete's
rehearsals with a band he put together in 1979 for a Rock Against Racism show
in England, not the Who.  Kenney Jones, Rabbit Bundrick and Peter Hope-Evans
are in the band but I can't remember who was on bass.
I also talked with the guy about the double It's A Quad CD with Quad demos &
rehearsals and he talked me out of buying it and getting Punk instead because
the quality was awful. Has anyone got this one yet?  He also mentioned a new
Maximum BBC CD that has just come out with some supposedly great BBC stuff.