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CD Upgrade Gripes

<<does anyone get a little steamed at the fact that MCA wants
us to go out and but the whole set of records, including
the ones that we all have already that are going to
be re-mastered ? So, they get ourmoney TWICE!
( Actually, the THIRD time counting records)
Why didnt they just make them perfect when they
put the damn cd's out ?>>

I, for one, refused to buy several of the MCA Who CDs because I knew they
were garbage, but I'm sure that the new upgrades will render my imports, and
perhaps even my MFSL gold discs obsolete.  Sure, I wish MCA made them perfect
the first time around, but that didn't happen, and so I'd rather they fess up
and release upgraded versions than simply keep the lousy originals on the

<<So, what the hell do we do with the ORIGINAL Whos Next (i.e) ?? It just
sits there next to the original album in our shelves??>>

There are actually some stores that sell used CDs.  No kidding, they really
do.  And the best part about it is that they buy used CDs as well.  Your
Who's Next CD probably won't be worth much, but you could probably get
something for it.  If not, I've heard that CDs make pretty good coasters.