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Live at Leeds questions, sort of long...

Hi all

Now here is where I am confused...

On the current Live at Leeds, they seem to 
break into parts of Tommy during My Generation
and Magic Bus(?)..Now, do those songs get tossed?

( On the new cd)

How come they added parts of Tommy to THOSE songs
when they were still doing the Tommy thing in 
concert ? Didnt that mean that they will play it
twice that night ? 

Also, as long as I am in this L a L mood, does anyone
get a little steamed at the fact that MCA wants
us to go out and but the whole set of records, including
the ones that we all have already that are going to
be re-mastered ? So, they get ourmoney TWICE!
( Actually, the THIRD time counting records)
Why didnt they just make them perfect when they
put the damn cd's out ? 

I mean, first we all but the albums/cassetes, then
CD's come out, we but the cds to replace the 
records, now, they want us to buy the NEW and

So, what the hell do we do with the ORIGINAL Whos Next (i.e) ??
It just sits there next to the original album in our shelves??

( By the way, even though I am ranting about this, Iwill still
  by the new cd's...I guess once your a fan,,,, ;^)
  Am I a hypocrite, or what...

Also, on the TOWNSHEND LIVE video it says that BABA ORILEY is on
it, I dont remember him playing that at BAM..And I dont recall seeing
it on the tape...Am I missing something ???

And finally, after buying the video tape to TKAA, I notice that
they list MY WIFE as a song on the right column, but not on the 
left column..How come they made that listing(s) if only one appeared
on the tape? ( The box that the tape came in, I mean )

If the right column of songs that says My Wife, Kilburn State..etc
was for the ALBUM SOUNDTRACK, then why dodnt they SAY that...
I wish that the SOUNDTRACK was FILMED WITH that My Wife cut from
the album

oh well, thats enought if me...

Thanks for reading

see ya later...


You hold the gun, and I hold the wound..And we stand looking
in each others eyes...