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Re: Live at Leeds questions, sort of long...

Unlike records, CD's don't wear out.  Before, you had people come in 
and buy their third copy of  "Dark Side of the Moon" because the one 
they had is worn out.  In order to get that repeat business the 
record companies give us the regular version, the remastered version,
 the 20th anniversary remastered edition, the 24kt gold edition and maybe one in a deluxe 
boxed set with special packaging.  Instead of the "planned 
obsolescence" of LP's we have multiple versions of the same CD.

> Also, as long as I am in this L a L mood, does anyone
> get a little steamed at the fact that MCA wants
> us to go out and but the whole set of records, including
> the ones that we all have already that are going to
> be re-mastered ? So, they get ourmoney TWICE!
> ( Actually, the THIRD time counting records)
> Why didnt they just make them perfect when they
> put the damn cd's out ? 
> I mean, first we all but the albums/cassetes, then
> CD's come out, we but the cds to replace the 
> records, now, they want us to buy the NEW and
> IMPROVED cds...