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Re: Tommy interactive CD

I called Roundbook last Fall, and they told me it would the spring of 1995
before the CD-ROM would be released.

I have a copy of the Wall Street Journal article "Tommy in Cyberspace."
 First of all a CD-ROM has certain limitations.  Right now a disc can hold
280,000 pages of text or 600 full screen color photos or eight hours of sound
or 100 minutes of "jerky" video.  They are trying to get a good balance of
the above. 

They say that the "spine" of the CD will a lengthy interview with Pete.
 There will be only brief "snippets" of video because of the aforementioned
"jerky" aspect of video on CD-ROM.  Instead still photos, voice over
narration, and text will be used to fill in the gaps. 

Your suppose to also be able to make your own "amazing journey".  Apparently,
you can alter the storyline, it doesn't have to begin with Tommy's birth and
end with his redemption.

The following is a list of items that Roundbook has rights to use.  It should
be noted that there were several mistakes on the list which I have corrected
 when I new for sure what the item was.

Audio and Film footage:
London Coliseum 1969, Woodstock 1969, Pontiac 1975, Tanglewood 1970, Tommy
movie and play, Canadian Ballet, various marching bands, Monty Python spoof
of LSO, and BBC December 1971 "Christmas show" (?).

Concert reviews, posters, magazines, programs, original handwrittan notes for
album, playbill-awards-etc. from the play, and all original Who albums cover
art, liner notes, etc.

In a interview in Guitar World last year Pete said the only way he thought
Lifehouse could be done properly was on CD-ROM.  So I would bet that if the
Tommy disc sells well, one for Lifehouse/Who's Next will be done.