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Re: Pete's closet

Alan McKendree <AI.amck@mcc.com> writes:

> Somewhere in an interview Pete was talking about Marc Bolan hanging out
> in an area known for its young male prostitutes (and saying
> (paraphrased), "Sadly, if he was there at that time and place, it's
> almost certain he was one of them.")

The two-parter in _Trouser Press_ pushing "Chinese Eyes"?

If I don't have the place right, I'm pretty sure about the time.

I still laugh when thinking of the other three teasing 
Daltrey with the moniker "Duchess" for his use of Dippity-Doo
to keep his hairdo in place. (Barnes, page 65).

> P.S.  Also, FWIW, in _Full Moon_ (for a copy of which I am still
> looking, BTW), Dougal said that while Keith definitely preferred women,
> he'd pretty much stick the ol' beef torpedo (Dougal's vocabulary, not
> mine) wherever was available.

FWIW, (and not much, because it's Dave Marsh, probably the single
rock writer I respect the least) _Before I Get Old_ goes on (AND ON)
about gossip he has no idea existed re: Townshend's brief spell living
in Kit Lambert's apartment. 

>From page 120:

"One can imagine that Pete and Kit's joint living arrangement
caused some talk at the time, however."

Bad enough, right?  Next paragraph:

   "Roger Daltrey might have led the gab."  


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