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Re: Pete's closet?

    Pete also has, in his canon, a number of songs that
    have, for one reason or another, gotten him attention/
    correspondence from homosexual fans over the years, 
    particularly "Rough Boys".  Pete deftly and expertly 
    handles the issue of his touchy relationship with this 
    notoriety in his most recent _Playboy_ interview (Feb. '94).

Personally, I was surprised that people acted surprised in '89 when his
quote came out.  There have been numerous homosexual or gender-bending
references in the music and surrounding circumstances:

I'm A Boy  (the earliest one I can think of)

Kids Are Alright:
we put on our makeup and work out all the lead-ins

Fiddle About (of course)

He-man drag in a glittering ballroom
Greyly outrageous in their high-heeled shoes.
Tightly undone, they know what they're showing,
Sadly ecstatic that their heroes are news."

How Many Friends:
I'm feelin' so good right now
There's a handsome boy tells me how I changed his past
He buys me a brandy
But could it be he's really just after my ass?

Their "fairy manager" Kit (as mentioned in "Success Story," if people
didn't know before)

And I Moved, even if written for Bette Midler, still hearing Pete
singing it has to set off associations in people's minds.  "And he laid
me back just like an empty dress."

Somewhere in an interview Pete was talking about Marc Bolan hanging out
in an area known for its young male prostitutes (and saying
(paraphrased), "Sadly, if he was there at that time and place, it's
almost certain he was one of them.")

An important part of Mod was about clothes and (the latest) fashion,
boys dressing up for each other, with girls seen as disposable and/or

Check the clip in the movie KAAR of them putting on their makeup and
eyeliner backstage.  (Yes, I know not all guys that use makeup are

There may be other homosexual references.  Heck, since I started it,
mail them to me or post them and I'll add them to the list.  (FAQ,
anyone?)  At least if people come up to us shocked and say "Did you know
Pete has (gasp) had homosexual experiences?" we can casually toss out
references showing this has been old news for, say, 25 years.


P.S.  Also, FWIW, in _Full Moon_ (for a copy of which I am still
looking, BTW), Dougal said that while Keith definitely preferred women,
he'd pretty much stick the ol' beef torpedo (Dougal's vocabulary, not
mine) wherever was available.