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Who Box - July 5.

Michael (and WhoListers)

	I got fed up enough to call MCA records directly. They told me the
box was now due on July 5. I didn't think to ask why, but the remastering
makes sense. Now if they'd just package the old albums with such odd
concepts as liner notes, songwriting credits, etc ...

	-- Owen

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I tried to get a copy of the new Who box from several record stores today
and yesterday. They all know about the set, but none at any copies.

So, I called Noteworthy, and the sales person told me she understood the
set was now going to be out in July? and the current MCA Who CD catalog
was going to be remastered with the new CD mastering of the track to be
included on the Box Set. This was the reason for the delay.

Anyone else hear anything. I was very depressed yesterday and today.


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