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"No way out"


I received a bootleg tape a few days ago recorded in Copenhagen in '72. 
Towards the end of the concert, during the "My Generation"-medley, much to
my surprise, Pete starts singing the line: "I don't care what you say boy.
There ain't no way out". Now, this line ended up, accompanied with the same
guitar riffing, on "By Numbers" three years later!

I was thrilled to hear how "However Much I Booze", as it was called, had
evolved from the ending "My Generation" chords into a totally different song.
I was also confused about how Pete did (does?) his songwriting. I mean, did
he actually make a proper demo in '72, or did he just listen to old live Who
recordings as he was collecting songs to "By Numbers"?


It seems many new bands draw inspiration from the Who. Many of them have
covered old Who tunes, and others are just compared to the Who by the
critics in their record reviews.

There's one Swedish band called "Brainpool" who has done "Magic Bus". I
have heard some other song by them, and it sounds like any Indie band to me,
not so much resembling the Who, but maybe their "Magic Bus" is good.

"The Buck Pets" has covered "Bargain" on their newest CD. This would seem to
be a hard one to cover. I haven't heard it though.

- Svante