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Re: box set

    Date: Wed, 13 Jul 1994 15:40 CDT
    From: Artrocity! <artrocit@clark.net>

    On Tue, 12 Jul 1994, David Schenfeld wrote:

    > Oh, I agree that splicing studio and live tracks together was a mistake.
    > I can't stand any of those.

	    I agree! 

Well, count me as one for the loyal opposition; I don't mind it, at
least as done here.

            Another problem for me was the sequencing of the songs.
	    They were spliced way too close together.

The only place this has bothered me so far is between Behind Blue Eyes
and WGFA; it's one of the few places where tracks are taken in order as
they appear on the original album, and I'm used to hearing just the
right number of beats between the two; on the box set, it's missing some
beats, and it's jarring to crash into WGFA so soon.

            The Who R U tracks seem to
	    run as one continous tune.

I remember noticing this between Join Together and Relay, too.  It's
mildly irritating, but I prefer to think it was done for an artistic
reason (what that might be, who knows?).

	    IMHO the video was a better buy! Rare Trax! Awesome Sound Quality!
	    Though I would have scrapped the Tommy Tour Stuff over more SHEA(82)
	    Or a track from Live Aid.

Personally, I would have liked WGFA, where Pete changed keys too soon
and quit playing altogether, and John had to jump in and finish the
verse.  But alas, not the sort of thing you'd expect to find on a
highlights reel.  As the box-set booklet said, they "performed without
distinction."  I'm surprised WGFA didn't make it onto the video at all.

	    Does anyone have any more info on the rehersal WhoRU footage??
	    I'd love to see hours of this.... :)

Me 2.

	    Though it does show how pedestrian Kenny Jones compared to the MOON.

True, but I feel sorry for him; years and years after the fact, he's
still getting raked for having much inspiration behind a kit.  I don't
know who else was up for the job, but at least he made the '80 and '82
tours possible.

FWIW, Roger said that having Simon in '89 was like having Keith back.