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Pete on A&E

Apparantly the A&E cable TV channel is starting a series
called "A&E In Concert".  These are 2 hour shows of various 
artists.  On August 25 Pete is listed as one of the performers.
I don't know whether this is old material merely grouped together, 
or if it is newly taped.  

Here is the full list that I've found,

	A&E IN CONCERT (broadcast 8-10 PM Central Standard Time)
	July 14   The Beach Boys, Chicago
	July 21   Paul McCartney, Elton John, Robbie Robertson
	July 28   James Taylor, Paul Simon, Crosby/Stills/Nash
	Aug 4     Billy Joel, Bruce Hornsby, Jimmy Buffett, Jackson Browne
	Aug 11    Bonnie Raitt, Peter Gabriel, Robert Cray, Aaron Neville
	Aug 18    Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, NY Rock & Soul Revue
	Aug 25    Grateful Dead, Pete Townsend, Sting, NEIL YOUNG
	Sept 1    Van Morrison, Sinead O'Connor, Elvis Costello

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