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Speak Easy ad

Forwarded message:
> From list-owner-thewho-outgoing@cisco.com Tue Aug 30 01:14:22 1994
> Date: Mon, 29 Aug 1994 17:04-0500
> From: Alan McKendree <AI.amck@mcc.com>
>     BTW what does the radio
>     ad say before the Rotosound strings ad, which goes into "I Can See
>     For Miles" on Sell Out?
> Well, I'll take a chance on embarrassing myself.  I always thought it
> was "Drink easy, drink easy, pull easy."  Someone just posted about "Big
> L Speakeasy" so some of those might be "Speak easy."  (I'm not sure
> either of those makes a lot of sense.)  Next?
> Alan

'Speak Easy drink-easy policy', right?

Speak Easy was a trendy London club in the 60's, wasn't it?
(not sure about the spelling though...)