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RE: TheWho Digest Vol 1 Num 147Sun Dec 7 12:12:12 PST 1997

>Date: Sat, 27 Aug 94 1:06:29 PDT
>From: Wes Biggs <wbiggs@chaph.usc.edu>
>Subject: RE: TKAA "Tommy can you hear me" & mono albums
></ - I kind of 'phasing' effect at the end of Mary-Anne.  The 'Let It Rock'
></segment fades in a lot later.
>Hmm.. I always thought this was "Burn and Rob".
Silly me - the box calls it "Premier Drums"...
></I felt the mono mix had a lot more 'oomph' than the stereo mix too.
>Is the mono CD simply a rerelease of the original mono vinyl, or is it
>previously unreleased stuff?
I was listening the UK vinyl ed!
>(boning up on my 'OO trivia.)