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Horse's Neck

Does anyone have or read Townshend's book of short stories and poems 
HORSES NECK.  I checked it out of my local library shortly after it was 
released ('84 I think) but someone stole it from the library since then.  
I've also tried to order it from a bookstore but its out of print and 
have looked in a couple of out of print book stores but with no luck.

It was written between 1979 and 1983 or therabouts and includes 
references to several of his songs.

"Consumed, there was a beautiful white horse I saw on a dream stage/
He had the snake the size of a sewer pipe living in his rib cage"

from "Athena" is directly quoted from (or more likely Athena quoted from) a
poem in the book.  I'm sure there are many others, but that's the only one 
I specificaly remember.

If anyone can post parts of this book (assuming its not a violation of 
copywrite laws or anything) which might be of specific interest of 
Who/Townshend music fans, I would be appreciate it very much...  It'll 
hold me until I can find a copy of the book.

Kyle Ewing