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misc. stupid questions...


I have a short list of questions which I will now post.  They are the
little ones that have bugged me for years (like figuring out the Sell Out

1)  The big one....for years I have been too embarrassed to ask anyone who
would know:  what are the lines in Magic Bus, roughly in the mid-section
on most versions, which goes something like "....(something) and six pence
every day  (too much the magic bus), just to get to my baby.." and so on. 
My ears won't work for that one.

2) What exactly was Pete's connection with Bette Midler?  Was it more
significant than just a friendly, professional relationship?

3) Although I have listened to it more and think I understand the story,
what are your thoughts on the song(s) Rael?  Is there more to it
(uncompleted additions) than what you hear on the lp/cd?

Thanks for any input on these.  Hope they are not too stupid for most of
you to waste time on.