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My original point (lost in all of this) was not that PT couldn't go back and 
tweak some old tapes and put together a nice archival/historical release. Of 
course he could. IF he wanted to, and IF anyone would see a possible profit in 
releasing it, I'd buy it! It would be kind of interesting to see what "might 
have been" (Again, I'll refer to the uncompleted scraps of "Smile" released in 
the Beach Boys box set).

What I thought was highly improbable was the chance of PT (with or without Roger
and John) going back and recording a brand new "Lifehouse" release now in the 
90's. And I'll eat my words if "Lifehouse: the Musical" ever hits Broadway! :)

And to get a new line of talk going: Anybody have any new reviews of Roger's 
tour? I'll keep my eyes peeled for one here in Minneapolis.