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Further insight on Pete and Lifehouse....


Chuck takes that stance that you can't go back, or that the artists
won't go back to please a few die-hard fans.  Well, I'm not so sure
with Pete.  He seems to be more than willing to drag Tommy out of the
closet and alter his work for a movie and then later for a broadway
production.  In fact isn't Psychoderelict tied to his Lifehouse
project in some form?  If Pete sees the need to close the door on
this part of his life, then I don't think it's out of the question
he'd try to go back and take a second look.  Since MCA is about to
redo their catalog, it's a golden opportunity.  

You use Prince and Brian Wilson to back your statement, but I can use 
Ian Anderson. On Jethro Tull's 20th anniversary box set, Ian took a second 
look at the infamous sessions that broke down after the huge success of
'Thick As A Brick'.  These tapes were thought to have been destroyed
but yet he edited what was left and produced Chateau D'Isaster for
the box set.  In fact there is a new import CD (NightCap) that has
the rest of these sessions.  (Songs like 'Skating Away...' appeared
on the album 'War Child') Just like with the Who, the sessions
were totally abandoned and Jethro Tull went on to make 'A Passion
Play'.  Though I don't see the Who doing this, Jethro Tull did re-do
some of their songs on the recent 25th Anniversary box set (with
interesting results). 

My argument is if Tommy is now a broadway production, nothing
can be far fetched where Pete is concerned.