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BBC sessionsSun Dec 7 12:12:12 PST 1997

Further to my 'guessed' list yesterday, these are the sessions I taped off
the Beeb a few years back:
24/5/65 - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere; Just You and Me; Leaving Here
??/12?/65 - My Generation; Good Lovin';  The Good's Gone
15/3/66 - A Man with Money; Substitute; Dancing in the Street
9?/66 - I'm a boy (possibly part of 12/66 session?)
12/66? - Boris the Spider; Happy Jack; See My Way
4?/67 - Pictures of Lily (possibly part of next 2 sessions)
10/11/67 - A Quick One; Radio One Jingles - (based on) Happy Jack, My
Generation, Boris the Spider
10/11/67 (maybe not the same session!?) I Can See For Miles; Summertime
Blues; I Can't Reach You [These all sound remarkably like rough mixes of the
official versions]
13/4/70 - The Seeker; Shakin' All Over