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RE: TheWho Digest Vol 1 Num 145Sun Dec 7 12:12:12 PST 1997

>Date: 25 Aug 1994 10:08:35 U
>From: "Denis Bowler" <Denis_Bowler@magellan.erin.gov.au>
>Subject: A few things
>REGARDING                A few things
>Mark wrote:
>>This may have something to do with the album never having been issued in
>>stereo in the UK?? [Doubt it].
>Your doubt is correct.  WSO was released in both mono and stereo versions
>the UK (and in Australia and the US as well).
I was actually referring to A Quick One for which there was never a stereo
issue made in the UK (be it Reaction, the Track/Backtrack issue or the
double which combined it with Sell Out).

Someone mentioned the seemingly overlooked BBC sessions.  Does anyone have a
list of sessions the Who did for the Beeb?  The Beeb transmitted a healthy
dose of this material in the early 80s so presumably it is still in the
vaults - which perhaps makes its absence even stranger given that they had
to search worldwide for much of material on say the Yardbirds set.

A first pass at the sessions would be:

 -mid 65 (which produced the Anyway Anyhow... dialogue on the box set),
 -late 65 (to promote My Generation),
 -early/spring 66 (Substitute and unreleased items such as A Man With Money),

 -late 66 (to promote A Quick One album),
 -Spring 67 (Pictures of Lily)
 -late 67 (to promote Sell Out - this might also have yielded the 'Radio One'
 -mid 70 (played The Seeker, Summertime Blues and A Quick One)

One thing I do recall is that tracks such as Summertime Blues, I Can't Reach
You, ICSFN, The Seeker sound very much like 'rough' or early mixes of the
studio versions.  I have a boot "IBC Demos" which has stereo outtakes of the
Radio One jingles and Summertime Blues (plus a complete take of Glow Girl,
Young Man Blues and other 'bits' that sounds more like low effort demos...)
which are identical to the versions broadcast by the BBC.  Does this mean
that some of the Who's BBC material is not actually true BBC recordings but
perhaps studio outtakes?

Anyway, I may well have noted the details when the BBC rebroadcasted them.
 Record Collector magazine often has this sort of article, I wonder...