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A few things

REGARDING                A few things
Mark wrote:
>This may have something to do with the album never having been issued in
>stereo in the UK?? [Doubt it].
Your doubt is correct.  WSO was released in both mono and stereo versions in
the UK (and in Australia and the US as well).

Carl wrote:
>Am going to the UK (London) very soon.
>Are there any WHO-related sites of note I should visit?
A few years back I read an article on a tourist organisation in England that
were running 'Rock History' tours.  The idea was you'd hop onto their
double-decker bus and get driven around to see key spots in Rock History
(presumably places such as Abbey Road, The Cavern, perhaps The Marquee etc). 
The bus was painted with pictures of various rock stars including a giant one
on the back of Pete (mid-jump I think) which would imply that there is at least
some Who-related content on the tour.  Worth trying to track down if it still

and Stephen wrote:
>Could someone give me details about the Maximum R'n'B box set?
>In Australia we don't get recordings released here until many  
>months/sometimes a year after US and Europe. 
The set was released in Australia at about the same time as everywhere else. 
Most of the major stores in Canberra carry it for $100.  You should be able to
get it from the Virgin or HMV mega-stores in Sydney.

>It's a shame Daltrey's shows are bombing. Australia only got 
>to see The Who once and they wouldn't come back.
As I posted a while back, a Sydney paper reported that he would be bringing the
DST show down under later in the year.  If he truly is doing it for the love of
the music (and I for one think he is) then it may still happen.   Fingers