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>From: librr (sunday,donald)
To: raiders
 Sun Dec  7 12:12:12 PST 1997
Date: 24 Aug 1994  14:47 EDT
Subject: re: Maximum R'n'B

>        . I can't find alt.music.who on my download of the Net, maybe 
>        because it comes off a feed from Sydney University.

I can't either....

>        . I think The Who subscriber group is great. I've been a Who 
>        fan since I went Mod. I still am a Who fan.
>        . It's a shame Daltrey's shows are bombing. Australia only got 
>        to see The Who once and they wouldn't come back. See Odds and 
>        Sods for details.
>        . The Lifehouse Project was about finding the perfect note! 
>        See Scoop. I've also got a Townshend boot somewhere with some 
>        tracks off Rough Mix which include references to this.
>        Mail me:
>        Stephen.Byrne@tafensw.edu.au 
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