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Who Live Set/Live at Leeds -- 1 CD or 2CD?

<<Also, I wouldn't want to see a "Who greatest Live" box '65- whatever. I'd
rather see a single disc from say "San Fransisco '71" or "Swansea '76". I
from hearing individual tracks from concerts have got me thinking "Wow! What
a great song! I must hear the rest of that concert!" This will be the effect
of a Live box I'm sure.>>

I completely agree.  While a "best of" live compilation may look better on
paper, nothing captures the feel of a concert better than actually putting a
single show out on disc, warts and all.  Yet labels and producers seem pretty
reluctant to do this, often demanding that only "flawless" performances be
released.  Sometimes this  leads to absurd results (e.g., the unnatural,
butchered version of "See Me, Feel Me).  The fact of the matter is that you
can almost always find flaws with a particular live performance--that's the
price of spontaneity, folks.

For me, the closest thing to an ideal live set I've seen is the Jimi Hendrix
Stages set, which contained 4 discs, each drawn from a separate concert.  I'd
much rather see a Who Stages set than a 2 CD best of.  For example, they
could release a set containing discs drawn from the Fillmore East '68, San
Francisco '71, Swansea '76, and another show (e.g., Tanglewood, Isle of
Wight, Young Vic, etc.).  

Of course, they can always do both, releasing a 2CD best-of live for more
casual fans (although I wonder how many "casual" fans will shell out $30 for
2CDs of archival live material) and follow that up with a series of single CD
releases.  From what I've read, Charlesworth and Astley seem to think that
the 2 CD live release will basically be it as far as archival projects are
concerned.  We definitely need to write them and let them know that there's
enough demand to support additional releases.

On a related note, there's been a lot of talk about a full-length CD release
of Live at Leeds.  Why not simply put the whole concert out on a 2CD set?
 Are there really that many people who'd pay $17 for a full-length Leeds CD
but wouldn't pay an additional $10-12 for another CD's worth of material?
 Does anybody really think that sales of the Allman Brother's Live at
Fillmore East have been hurt because it's a 2CD release?  I feel very
strongly that there should be at least one complete Moon-era show on the
market, and Leeds seems like the logical choice.