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>Many, many years ago, after seeing "Woodstock" again at university, another
>Who fan and I came to the conclusion that Pete's windmill in the "Listening
>to You" chord progression at the end (there was lots of red light on the
>boiler suit!) was being done in the "sneaky" way you allude to--i.e. no (or
>little) strumming with the right hand, just sort of hammer-ons with _massive_
>volume and sustain (and fuzz--like a guitar was _meant_ to be played!)...

After reading this, I went home and cued up the VCR....The shot you are
talking about is easily recognized, however, after watching it a few times,
it became evident that that shot was an edited shot taken from another
song - in fact, that quick little sequence was in TKKA - which song, I'm not
sure, but I *am* sure that it's not from that song. Upon further scrutiny,
it's evident that those windmills and the quick shot of Pete afterwards, 
do not match the audio portion. The audio has Pete playing a string of
single note riffs, while the video shows him windmilling *one* chord - as a 
guitar player, I can guarantee that it would be impossible. The only other
edit that I noticed was at the very end of 'Summertime Blues' where they
make it look like the last chord of the song leads into the smashing episode.
Those were the only 2 edits I could spot - that was very observant of you...
-the mayor