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Writing to Chris Charlesworth and Andy McKaie

Since all of us who are a part of this group are Who fans in one
shape or another, shouldn't we use the power of this list to write a
united request?  If 100-200 people asked for the same material
remixes etc, wouldn't that be more powerful a response than random

I say we make a list of ideas and whittle them down to a consise

I'll start:

1. A Tommy or Lifehouse box set (maybe both)
Tommy Box has the original, outtakes and demos, and a period live

If there is an attempt to include all the Lifehouse material, make
sure Pete Townshend makes the track arrangements, the way he would
orginally intend the album to sound.  

release Who's Next in it's original form (even though Lifehouse
would include the same material).  You can't mess with this
album.  It gives more money to MCA anyhow.

2.  Release the studio version of Summertime Blues.  Be sure that
every Who b-side single and rare track is used.  Don't be afraid to
include unreleased material.  

These are my main requests.

On Rolling Stone reviews:  If Neil Young released an album of
belches and flagellant noises, it would get five stars.  The guy is
immune criticism in that magazine.  I love his work, but I've never
seen one bad review of his albums in Rolling Stone.  I don't give
them that much respect.