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Re: favorite 30 Years clip..

Pete writes:
>Anyone have a favorite clip ?

"Young Man's Blues" is absolute visual magic -- not as crisp and together as
the version on "Live at Leeds" but lots of the same guitar themes and the
PASSION!!!  If this was what the Leeds show was like visually, it's a wonder
the majority of the audience didn't completely shit their pants...

>Also, there is a question I have for anybody to answer.. I dont remember what
>song it was, and it was the first time I ever saw, not just read about,
>Pete's hand bleed..I just cant picture which of the commercial video 
>tapes I have have this in it...Its kinda weird, but I sometime use to think
>that when he did windmills, that he wasnt really a chord being hit, that he
>used the fingers on the neck to make the noise somehow..I guess he does hit
>them ... I thought more as I was new that he did it as part of a "show",,
>I think I am wrong..I think now that he hit the chords..

There's a shot of Pete's hands from the Woodstock section of TKAA, I can't
remember if it's "Sparks" or "Young Man's Blues," where his right hand is
bleeding.  It used to happen quite often.  I saw the show in Seattle where he
skewered his right hand on the whammy bar after some enthusiastic "bowling" and
ran off stage.

I read an interview where he said that he started out with a slow
windmill so that he could actually strum the chords, but as his performance
angst grew and the volume levels did as well, he found he could just slam his
hand (or fist) against the strings and that was enough to punch out a chord.  I
don't recall him ever mentioning that he used his left (fretting) hand to
produce the sound.

On another topic, I have to say that I love the mix on the original
Quadrophenia.  I know the vocals are brought way down, but I feel that
contributes to the consuming feeling I get when I listen to this album.  I
should note that I consider Quadrophenia to be Pete's first and best
solo album.