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Re: Windmills (was: favorite 30 Years clip...)

}  Date: Mon, 22 Aug 1994 21:39:58 -0400 (EDT)
}  From: QUADROPHENIA@delphi.com
}  ...
}  Also, there is a question I have for anybody to answer.. I dont remember what
}  song it was, and it was the first time I ever saw, not just read about,
}  Pete's hand bleed..I just cant picture which of the commercial video 
}  tapes I have have this in it...Its kinda weird, but I sometime use to think
}  that when he did windmills, that he wasnt really a chord being hit, that he
}  used the fingers on the neck to make the noise somehow..I guess he does hit
}  them ... I thought more as I was new that he did it as part of a "show",,
}  I think I am wrong..I think now that he hit the chords..

Many, many years ago, after seeing "Woodstock" again at university, another
Who fan and I came to the conclusion that Pete's windmill in the "Listening
to You" chord progression at the end (there was lots of red light on the
boiler suit!) was being done in the "sneaky" way you allude to--i.e. no (or
little) strumming with the right hand, just sort of hammer-ons with _massive_
volume and sustain (and fuzz--like a guitar was _meant_ to be played!)...

So, we rushed right back to residence, cued up "Live at Leeds" on the Thorens,
and, hey presto!, guess what?  Pete wasn't strumming!!!  Check it out for
yourselves--for _this_ performance, you can only hear Pete's guitar at the
start of each different chord, with no breaks.  (The magic of stereo!)

So, sometimes his windmills hit, sometimes they didn't.  I wouldn't be too
surprised if most times they didn't, considering that Pete probably bloodied
his hand more than the one time...

> Mike <