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RE: TKAA "Tommy can you hear me" & mono albumsSun Dec 7 12:12:12 PST 1997

>From: csc2imd@cabell.vcu.edu (Ian M. Derby)
>Subject: "Baby, Don't You Do It" on CD?
>Date: Mon, 22 Aug 94 13:50:52 EDT
>changing subjects:
>Has anyone noticed the version of "Tommy Can You Hear Me" off The
>Kids Are Alright soundtrack to sound richer than the original
>album?  I wonder if MSFL was able to achieve that.  Im going to wait
>until the new MCA stuff comes out before I start buying Gold CD

All the studio material on TKAA soundtrack was remixed by Entwistle [I
think].  I think the rhythm and lead guitars on Long Live Rock were combined
into a single chanel to make it more 'live', while the vocal separation on
ICSFM is much wider.  Help! I can't think of any more studio cuts on the
soundtrack album.

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>From: B0RN2RUN@aol.com
>Date: Tue, 23 Aug 94 02:15:35 EDT
>Subject: Writing to Charlesworth/Catalog Upgrades/Bonus Tracks
>I read the article in Billboard, and Astley says they now have access to
>three-track session tapes of the Shel Talmy material, so the reissue of the
>first album should sound great.  Apparently, Astley remixed with the goal
>replicating the original mix as closely as possible.  In fact, he did such
>good job on some tracks that I suspect that there may have been no remixing
>at all.
Certainly the stereo Talmy era material on the "Missing" CDs sounds really

>Clearly, the Sell Out material was remixed, but I can't figure out
>why Astley would remix the A Quick One material to MONO, especially when
>the High Numbers material was remixed to stereo.
This may have something to do with the album never having been issued in
stereo in the UK?? [Doubt it].  I was a bit disappointed that I'm the Face
fades out, unlike the Odds and Sods version.
>As for Sell Out, I'm a
>bit torn between having bonus tracks and having both the mono and stereo
>mixes available on one CD.
Perhaps we could have the mono and stereo versions AND all the 67 to 72
outtakes on 2-fer double CD set!
>According to the discography in the box set's
>booklet, the mono mix of Sell Out featured different guitar parts.
I listened to the mono Sell Out only last weekend.  Certainly the whole
album was mixed for mono - rather than a combination of the stereo twin
track master - and this provides tge level of differences you might expect.
 The more significant bits I noticed (although it didn't have my full
attention) were:

 - I kind of 'phasing' effect at the end of Mary-Anne.  The 'Let It Rock'
segment fades in a lot later.
 - Our Love Was - a very major difference in the guitar solo - no sliding
electric guitar, but rather a more subdued 'filler' type affair.  Almost is
if taken from a basic track without the solo - although the 'filler guitar'
(as I've chosen to call it) is not in the stereo version.
 - The start of Rael (before the hard 'RA-EL' edit) has the same effect as
when the tape heads are misaligned (a la "Heartbreak Hotel")!  And the edit
itself is not as 'clean' as the stereo.

I felt the mono mix had a lot more 'oomph' than the stereo mix too.

One could also add the single version of ICSFM at this point which has an
extra couple of bass guitar notes during the intro.

Moving on, the box states that 5:15 is the single version - is this a US
edition - it's not the 73 UK mix (which is different from Quadro. album).