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Are the Who the best live rock band ever?

I know this can start some serious debate, and many don't want to
judge one band over another, but I have to say yes.

Compare the Who in say 1970/71 with the Rolling Stones in 1972 or Led
Zeppelin in 1971 (I think is their best year live) and they matchup
very favorably.  

I think the Who were probably the most unpredictable of the major
bands of that time.  When things weren't going right, it was a bad
show, unlike the Stones who could still wing it.  However when
everything was in synch, you had a very powerful rock band.  It's
probably because they took a few risks on stage.  There aren't
many bands that had the bassist out in his own world with the
guitarist doing a solo, and the drummer playing around the beat.
You can tell immediately how much different the Who were when Kenny
Jones played with rock solid time.  The band seemed tighter, but
they weren't as exciting. Moon and Entwistle set this band apart
from everyone else.