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'74 shows

The 1974 Madison Square shows were a disaster because Pete became disenfranchised during the first night, and felt out of place and synch.  As a result, he
did the other 3 nights blazing drunk and way out of synch with everyone else.
However, it did lead to the only show I know of where 4 guitars were smashed -
on the last night Pete did 2, Roger and Keith each one.  Pretty wild.  It was
the entire '73 tour where the Quad tapes were out of synch.

As far as a remix of Quad, I'm against it.  Pete & co. deliberately mixed it
the way it was for effect, with the vocals way down (which Roger was totally
pissed at, and it started a major fight between them in the press which, once
again, nearly led to their breakup).

For the boxed set - this was intended to be a mass market sales item, not for 
the specialist.  I thought Chris was pretty straight up about that in his
piece on the last page of the CD booklet.  Fear not, if plans to release a
new live set are true.  And, if you want, just tape the video on a hi-fi system
to cassette and you have a brand-new double live!

For side notes - it has always been harminca - the violin was never featured 
on stage.  And I know of no videos from the '71 tour, and very few short clips
from '72.

Best - Mason Weinrich