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PBS '30 Yrs.' doc. edit

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     Well, I just got my first look at the PBS-TV 1-hr. edited version of 
     "30 Years of Maximum R&B", and not having had the chance to see nor 
     ca$h to buy the full commercial video (yet!), I can say that this was 
     a GREAT teaser. Yeah, the interviews were mostly fluff, the narration 
     was negligible, but WOW!, some of that footage is stunning. Where the 
     heck has all this stuff been all these years?! I didn't know of even 
     bootleg-market existence of some of these films. The audio was 
     surprisingly good on almost all of the excerpts included on this 
     synopsis version. This was the first time in many years that I've seen 
     the '65 Richmond Festival film, and this print of it was markedly 
     better than any I've seen before, audially and visually (although it 
     still has that godawful overdubbed tape loop of screaming girls). And 
     I didn't know that there was sound footage of the Cow Palace show 
     where Moon blacked out. Anyway, what there was was very very good, in 
     my opinion. Now I'm even more anxious to buy the full-length 
     video....but I gotta wonder, if there's sound film of all of these 
     different concerts (and each of them surely contains more than what 
     made the final cut in the full-length release), then there must still 
     be other shows preserved. (I'm not talking about the later stuff; I'm 
     referring to the wealth of material from 1967-73, when they were at 
     their peak.) 
     If you're like me, unable as yet to purchase your own copy of the full 
     release, then check this edited program out, especially since it's 
     free for home taping from your local PBS stations. [Boston folks: It's 
     on for a rerun this Saturday night (8/27) on WGBH ch.2.]