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Re: The Heartbreak of Crossfades

On Fri, 19 Aug 1994 PATNPETE@aol.com wrote:

> >..When asked why the album was sequenced with little space >between
> >tracks, Astley replies with a chuckle. "That was my doing," he >says. "The
> >Who always played that way on stage."
> Strangely enough in an interview with Chris Charlesworth in the CD Watchdog
> section of the new issue of ICE, *he* takes the blame for the crossfades idea
> sighting the same reason as Astley does above, along with the rational that
> they were trying to squeeze all the music they could onto the four discs. So
> he believes their clipping, snipping, editing and crossfading was justified
> to get a few more numbers into the set. They are both brave men to suffer the
> slings and arrows of flames from Who fans.

 Hi Pat,
 You, any do not know me. I am and was a TRUE THE WHO NUT.
 I just bought my boxed set Maximim r & b, PLUS THE GOOD VIDEO.
 The old days, man... Reminds me of my past, plus present.
 I have never seen the who in concert, I would like to. I would fly in a 
la vacation schedule at work. I have the bucks now.

> Sorry gentlemen I'm sure this was a well intentioned blunder, but one of
> great magnitude to many fans of this music.
> Would we cut the 3 witches' scene out of "McBeth" and the balcony scene from
> "Romeo and Juliet" to get them both to fit into a specific number of pages?
> An atrocity by any other name...... : )

 My feeling here is three things. Why not make Maximum r & b longer? Why 
not the original version of "Marianne with the Shaky Hands?"
 And three, why not the REAL "the who sell out"

> BTW, the Sept issue of ICE (although already liberally quoted in this mailing
> list) is essential for Who fans who want the complete run down of plans for
> the upcoming catalog overhaul, and some answers to questions re: The Box.
> Pete P.
> Brooklyn,NYC 

 Pete, all whobes,
 Pleaseeeeee send me any/all email about the who. I really want to rap 
with you all. The who helped my life, my miserable little life, when in 
1973, when I had all their albums, and I quoted their LYRICS at work when 
things were getting weird......

Kevin in Vancouver USA