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Details on re-done Who catalog

Before I start talking about what's upcoming, I wanted to clear up
what I said yesterday.  I had nothing against the Who going on tour
in 1989 as I don't with Daltrey touring this year.  My point was
that the Who in '89 were no where near their original form.  If you
have a gripe that Townshend isn't with them this time you shouldn't.
I think the crime would be if Daltrey and Entwistle went on tour AS
the Who, then you could cry foul.  But I really think Roger is being
sincere in what he's doing, while earning some cash :).  In fact I'm
glad to find out he's playing Richmond on 9/14. I don't even have to
drive 1 1/2 hours to Vienna VA to see him.

Who catalog:

Here is what's going on (adding to what's been said already).

Apparenetly as we speak the older Who MCA CD's are being
discontinued, so if you want any Who greatest hit compilations and US
packaged releases get them now!  The new released catalog will
contain the UK versions (aka Beatles) with added bonus tracks (more
than likely the singles you could only find on compilations in the
US, all the greatest hit collections will be deleted).  
Most of the CD's will be about 70 minutes long (bang for the
buck), totally re-mastered (including re-done Shel Talmy recordings,
negotiations are going on now to get these done) and original cover
art and packaging.  So what I expect to happen is songs like ICE will
be on My Generation, and Substitute will be on A Quick One etc... 

The other releases will be a 2-CD live set that spans from 1965-1975.
Apparently they are supposed to make it as one complete concert
(here we go with running the tracks together).  There will also be a
best of best of CD.  It's the typical "if you're too cheap or can't
afford to buy the 4 CD box set, here is an abbreviated version that is
totally worthless" CD.