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New Who CD Catalog (Who's Next)

Just heard this:

The new Who's Next that will be released will include ALL of the
intended Lifehouse material.  Apparently Odds Sods will be removed
from the catalog, as their songs will be spread over various CD's
(including Who's Next).  Tommy and Quadrophenia will be left
untouched, meaning neither get bonus tracks.  

If this is true, Who's Next has to become a double CD.  There is no
way you can fit all their singles from the early 70's, and the
related material off Odds and Sods on one disc.  If it does go to
two discs then can either:

1) have disc one as the original Who's Next, with disc two as all the
singles, and throwaway tracks from Lifehouse.  OR

2) With a little help from Pete Townshend (maybe non-Who songs like
Mary and some Who Came First tunes will be included), they can mix up all the
tracks and release the CD's as the intended Lifehouse.  (which was
supposed to be a double album to begin with).  I know a few people
will be upset that one of the greatest rock albums of all time was
altered, but it's original intention was the Lifehouse project.  

If they do get rid of Odds and Sods, where do 'Postcard' 'Now I'm a
Farmer', 'Glow Girl', 'Faith in Something Bigger' and 'Little Billy'