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New Who Projects

The latest issue of "Billboard" has an article entiltied "Burnishing the
Who's Maximum R&B Soundman Astley Puts a Shine on Box Set." As the title
suggests, the article covers John Astley's (Petes brother in law)
contributions to the Box set and his history with the Who/Townshend.

New info on upcoming Who projects:

..."By the end of the year 'Live at Leeds' will be reissued as a
full-length CD that will include a lot of material and some 'Tommy.' Next
year, we plan to do a 'Best of, Live.' We will go back to tapes from
swansea, Leeds, the Young Vic Concert, Tanglewood, and one or two other
        Moreover, Astley is compiling a Townshend collection that will be
issued on Atlantic in the autumn....
        ...When asked why the album was sequenced with little space between
tracks, Astley replies with a chuckle. "That was my doing," he says. "The
Who always played that way on stage."

The above come from the August 13, 1994 issue of "Billboard" magazine. I
did not get permission to quote.

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