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Daltrey sings Townshend


I just saw the DST show at Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia MD on 8/13.

I thought it was fantastic. If you can get past all of the baggage about
Townshend not being there and should he do this tour etc.etc.etc, and just
concentrate on the MUSIC. You'll love it!

The mix of orchestra and rock music sounded great. It was a unique mix.
I loved hearing the Quadrophenia  songs, I've been dying to hear Cut My hair and
Punk meets the Godfather live for years and years.

Daltrey sounded great, Simon really gets into it.

The Ox was incredible...he can still play!

I strongly suggest checking it out. If the price worries you, just go anyway and
buy them from people at the gate, I got 2 $32.50 tickets for $10.00 a piece!

(By the way the next night I saw Metallica and got 2 3rd row pit seats for $20

Anyway, the music sounded fantastic!!!
Is it the Who?? - NO
Is is the same w/o Pete - NO
Did they play the Real Me? - NO
Is this a great show anyway - YES!

Apoorva G.