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NYT PBS "30 Years" review bits

>From the New York Times, 8/15/94, p. B-3, excerpted without permission:

The Who as History:  30 Live Years
by Neil Strauss

There is a simple formula for making documentaries about pop groups:
Intercut interviews of band members with performance scenes; arrange the
clips chronologically, and -- presto! -- instant rockumentary.  "The
Who:  30 Years of Maximum R & B," on many PBS stations tonight as part
of the "In the Spotlight" pop-music series, follows the formula, but
adds a twist.  It attempts to portray not the story of the Who, but the
history of this seminal British band's live performances...

Most of the performance clips and interviews...were culled from a
recently released 2-hour and 35-minute videocassette...the folks at "In
the Spotlight" cut short performances of epic Who songs like "Love Reign
O'er Me" and "A Quick One"...

...to offer something that the video version didn't[, the producers]
conducted extra interviews with Keith Richards...Chris Barron of the
Spin Doctors and Bryan Adams.  Mr. Adams and Mr. Barron have nothing
relevant to contribute...Mr. Richards, who is on screen as much as
anyone in the Who, mumbles incoherently about not liking rock operas,
not understanding guitar smashing and not remembering this or that

------End excerpts----------

Sounds fairly forgettable; nevertheless, I plan to tape it.  I'm told
that the credits at the end are much more extensive than those on the
commercial video, if that's of interest.  Assuming I'm successful (hey,
it's not rocket science, but I've learned not to be overoptimistic),
anyone who would like a US-format (NTSC, is it?) copy can e-mail me.