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Kids Are Alright Video


Someone posted a little time back that
they had either bought the TKAA video
or the laser disc and had awful sound 
quality and had tried to contact MCA
video (??) or tried to get it resolved 
some how ?

I am pretty sure that that was the topic.

Anyhow... I recently ( 2 days ago) bought
TKAA on home video ( VHS ) and having seen
it already on TV ( Plus I own a VIDEODISC
copy from that attempt by RCA to make VIDEO
DISC big in the early '80s) I noticed that
the sound WAS pretty awful.

I really anticipated seeing this video because
the box said "Added Bonus Performance", and 
the treack listing had mentioned "My Wife".
( It was only the "Kids Are Alright", which
is on "Whos Better Whos Best" ).

But, I guess I am spoiled, somewhat, because this
video sure could have used some type of HI FI 
remastering ( if possible).

Also, I have always been confused about some other

Were the performances from Kilburn State meant to 
be for TKAA as well as the Shepperton Studio's
performances ? I have seen clips/photo's from 
both and it looke like everyone was wearing the
same clothes. ( Why didnt MY WIFE  get put in the
movie ? ) 

( ...Isnt Kilburn State where Townshend said "Theres a guitar up here
     if any big mouth little kid wants to come and f**king take it        
     from me..? )


Pete .