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Re: The Who rip off...

    Why is there such a big to do over this current tour?  How many of
    you saw the Who in '89?

<sound of a hand being raised>

    To me, there isn't much difference in
    Daltrey's tour.  Pete was there sure, but was he REALLY there?

Well, yes.

    Who aren't the Who if Townshend can't express himself on an electric
    guitar.  Instead we had some semi-unknown interpreting Pete's songs.
    Same thing applies here.

I don't understand this.  Pete tore up the electric in almost every
show; he just didn't play electric in every song.  Sure, Bolton played
lead on many songs (but not all), and Pete couldn't physically do as
strenuous a three-hour show as he did in the past, but I'm really at a
loss as to why you think he didn't express himself on electric.  For
just one example, listen to "I'm a Man" on the Dallas (Cotton Bowl)
show.  For another, recall him spearing his hand in Seattle.

    If you saw them in '89 and aren't seeing Daltrey now because you
    think it's a rip-off, you're blind.

This I agree with.  From the review Joe posted, it sounds like Roger &
John _mean_ to be out there and are as serious and happy (if that makes
sense) about performing as ever.